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Over 10 years ago, in January of 2005, Atlantico Books was born. We filled a need in the USA and internationally, for books from Brazil and books from Portugal, for Portuguese students. Over the years, we participated in book fairsconferences and workshops. There's been plenty of national and international travel. I am especially proud of the three wonderfully collaborative publications, Missa do Galo e Outros Contos, Ao Redor do Mundo: Leituras em Português Vol. 1and Ao Redor do Mundo: Leituras em Português, Vol. 2. Together these 3 volumes were a great education for me in project management and chief editing. It has been my honor to serve our Portuguese-speaking tribe. It has been a wonderful journey, and I am grateful to you for coming along.

I discovered and fell in love with the Portuguese language as a teenager. Through friends, music, and capoeira classes, I eventually found myself in a Portuguese classroom at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I studied abroad in Brazil, in Salvador, Bahia, and then in Rio de Janeiro. I completed a bachelor's degree in Brazilian Studies, soaking up all that UCSC's Brazilianistas had to offer.

Then in 2004, I started dreaming of opening an online bookstore, specializing in books in Portuguese, imported from Brazil and Portugal. I took my first solo vacation, to Portugal, to "research" the idea. I discovered that the accents and cultures of Portugal were very different from Brazil, and I enjoyed exploring the castles, museums, monuments, churches, and beaches of Portugal. I made my first Portuguese friends.

In January of 2005, I started Atlantico Books. It has been a wonderful education and journey, and now, after 10+ years, it's time to bid a fond farewell to Atlantico Books. It has gotten easier for people who have interest or passion for the Portuguese language to find the resources they need. I believe that the need for an Atlantico Book Importer has ended.

We have some books and DVDs on-hand, in New York City, ready to ship immediately. Please take a moment to browse them, you may find a book you'd like to read! Thanks  for your support over the years, it has been my pleasure to work with you. Please add me on Linked-In or Facebook, and please do keep in touch. I wish you success, happiness, and muito boa sorte.

Com um abraço,

Elena with Atlantico Books

Elena Como

President, Atlantico Books


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"Recebi o livro Misso do Galo hoje. Achei super bonitinho como você o embrulhou e adorei os selos também...tenho coleção. Muito obrigado pelo bom serviço. Desejo muito sucesso para voce em 2010!" Um Abraço do
Gregory Larson, Brazilian Studies
Florida International University, Miami FL

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